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Sarai Shivana talked about creativity being everywhere, it being your personal style and how you really understand yourself and what and why you do things. Love the word rhythm attached to this.

Love this quote of hers, ” Understanding how you do things is your creative rhythm”.

Sarai Shivana has a resilient and competitive entrepreneurial spirit. An expert in sales, operations and branding. She has been successful in this work as she applies a level of personal development to bridge any gaps.

She has built along side two careers simultaneously in luxury retail operations management and VIP services in hospitality, her expertise in these fields have allowed her to help consult and strategize for other businesses that are in need of re-structuring and team development.

She is a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and is currently working on her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy certification.
Sarai is a global ambassador for the Nourish the Children foundation, which helps feed undernourished children around the world.

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