Awareness Challenge Part 1

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Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to get unstuck? Shift things? Let go of stuff holding you back? Put an end to the everyday challenges & see them for what they really are & for what they are trying to tell you? Teach you?
Well then you are in the ‘right’ space for shaking it all up & doing something different! Today’s Vlog is about gaining awareness in the challenging moments that arise in your life…& for parents the everyday kind of moments that set you off & get you in a tizzy!
By doing this we can gain great insights & learnings for our own growth & evolution. We can also shift ingrained behaviours…automatic patterns & relationship dynamics.
This week I ask that you take notice of what is really going on behind the scenes when challenge/resistance arises? What is happening in your body? What is happening in your mind? What kind of thoughts are you having when your life isn’t to going plan? Or when you child isn’t doing as you ask or listening to you?
Awareness is the first step to change…so gather up some data this week…write it down & break it down…as to what is really going on when you are challenged. Next week we will look at things to implement to start to look at the challenges in a new way & how we can start to behave our way to success.
We will plant some new seeds to make some new choices. As always we are only in control of ourselves & when we change & shift from within…the world around us does too.
Please leave in the comments section below…things/scenarios/behaviours that challenge you & what goes on for you (in your mind- thoughts/ your body) whilst you are in the midst of a challenge.
Have a beautiful week! X

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