Asking “What Can Go Right?” with Dr. Ron Kaiser (Episode #96)

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Dr. Ron Kaiser is a positive health psychologist. In addition to being Director of Psychology at the Jefferson Headache Center, one of the leading headache centers in the world, he has developed the concept of Goal-Achieving Psychology and related concepts such as “The Type P Personality”, “Competent Person’s Disease”, and the “Too Excuse”. In recent years, Dr. Kaiser has worked to help people proactively lead physically and mentally healthy lifestyles so that they can look forward to experiencing older adulthood awesomely. His most recent book is “REJUVENAGING: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm” – using principles grounded in science, personal observations, and his own very active lifestyle at age 81. Get your copy of Dr Kaiser’s book Rejuvenaging: The Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm

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