Are you over the struggle of feeding your children?

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Do you worry they are not getting all the nutrients their growing bodies need? Are mealtimes stressful & full of resistance?
Well in today’s Vlog I pose a new way of looking at mealtimes & feeding your child/ren…in order to give you more freedom at mealtimes & create less anxiety & worry. Plus it will help our child/ren stay in tune with their bodies needs thus adopting a healthy relationship with food for life!
I hope it gets you thinking outside of the box & increases your awareness around how best to feed your child/ren without all the power plays…resistance & struggles that feeding can evoke. And start a new conversation with your child/ren about food & how they can listen to their tummy…& trust their own body(their own innate wisdom)…as they know it the best! 😆 x

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