A Story of A Woman Warrior Who Rose From The Darkest Days with Grace

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In this upcoming episode, we meet an exceptional woman and best-selling author who will be a speaker on the Women Gone Wild Summit, Blair Kaplan Venables! She has taken her past traumas, compound traumas, and present trauma in her current life and used them as the stepping stones to becoming the strong, fearless women we have here today. Blair is a recognized Top-10 social media expert to watch, with over a decade in the industry. She has spoken on national TV and is the best-selling author of Pulsing Through My Veins, Co-host to the Dissecting Success Podcast, and come Fall; she will be launching the very special ” I Am Resilient” project to unite one another by sharing stories of resilience!! This woman is remarkable, and I am SO thrilled that we get to hear her story on the Rhonda Swan Show! Get excited and tune in tomorrow for this very special episode! Connect with Blair on her socials: https://www.instagram.com/blairfrombl… https://www.linkedin.com/in/blairdkap… https://www.facebook.com/blair.kaplan/ Women Gone Wild Book launches August 17th! Go to wgwbook.com to get on the pre-launch list!

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