Wealth Witch Wisdom

by Leah Steele 46 Lessons in


I Am Here To Trigger You

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There will be times you will hate me- listen in as I explain why this provides you a space to create radical change.

2022 Will Be Much Worse

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Prepare yourself 2022 is going to be much worse than ANYTHING we’ve experienced thus far.

How To Manifest Money … FAST!!!

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Want to learn how to start manifesting money fast? Listen in as I explain how you can access more energetic states of money flow.

Do This Exercise To Get Back Into Alignment

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It’s time to pull everything back into alignment. Here’s an exercise you should do every month to clear up your bandwidth and step back into energetic alignment.

You Are So Powerful

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Want to learn the most powerful tool you can use to create your heaven on earth experience?

How To Shift Out of Complacency

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Are you half-assing your life? If yes, then you are not living the life you desire. Here’s how to shift out of that comfort zone.

Motherhood, Martyrdom and Money

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How does motherhood impact your ability to money? Listen in as I explain how motherhood has changed my motivation for making money.

Everybody Has A Money Story

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What’s your money story? It doesn’t matter if you are born into poverty or into a family of billionaires. Everybody has work to do around their money shit.

Could You Make An Extra $800 Month?

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It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong or keep fucking things up. Hear why I say it’s important for you to continue to show up from a place of integrity.

You Can Choose The New Paradigm

Length: 10 minutes

A chasm has erupted in the modern world between those entrenched in the previous era of financial chaos and economic compliance, and those willing to grow into financial sovereignty and economic freedom. Can you make the shift? *** Want to hear more from Leah? Listen to The Wealth Witch Podcast everywhere podcasts are streamed! https://plnk.to/wealth-witch […]


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How do we ascend slavery? Listen in as I discuss how I believe we begin to break down this cycle.


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Here’s what you can do right now to cultivate freedom in your reality. Here’s what you can do right now to cultivate freedom in your reality.


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There are no political parties, it’s all a power play and it’s all part of their manipulation. So stop wasting your energy on this division tactic.

Do You Remember Your Divine Mission?

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Do you remember your divine mission? Do you remember why you are here? Let me explain why it’s essential for you to get clear on this.


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Stop pedestaling people who have a public platform. It’s important to remember that everyone is human.


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I am not here for this love and light bullshit. It’s our job to come into alignment with the light we are here to shine on this planet.


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Do you feel broken? Let me tell you why it’s ok to be different from everyone else and how the world will be better served if you show up as your most authentic self.