The Wealth Witch Podcast Season 1

by Leah Steele 79 Lessons in


Episode 8: The Magic Pill: Go Further Than Everyone Else

Length: 0 minutes

In this episode, Leah Interviews Kyree Oliver as part of the BEcoming Wealthy Interview Series. Kyree is a former Division-1 football player, and current Digital Marketer, Coach and Mentor whose tumultuous life experiences have shaped his understanding of himself and the world around him in a unique way. Kyree has interviewed almost 900 people in […]

Episode 3: If You Aren’t Journaling I Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Length: 0 minutes

Leah jumps on her soapbox and preaches about journaling all the livelong day until the cows come home! She shares her non-negotiable daily personal practices that help her maintain her hectic, fast-paced lifestyle while manifesting heaps of money and enjoying her luxury life. Leah talks about the importance of discipline and structure in your daily […]

S1E11: If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It! They Aren’t

Length: 0 minutes

Will You choose FREEDOM or will you choose SLAVERY? In this episode, Leah poses this and several other confronting questions about where the world AND YOU are headed. Leah explains why just thinking yourself rich isn’t a reality and calls bulls%*# on love and light programming and conditioning. She discusses the differences between those that […]

S1E10: Censorship and the Next Generation’s Wealth Paradigm

Length: 0 minutes

In this episode Leah Interviews Zapheria Bell. They discuss the censorship of Zapheria’s new book The Blue Diamond Souls and what free speech (or lack thereof as the case may be) looks like in today’s day and age. Zapheria talks about how living in purpose sometimes pushes you into having to step-up and lead in […]

Episode 7: Money is the Root of All Evil and Other Lies

Length: 0 minutes

In this installment of the Becoming Wealthy interview series, Leah interviews Spiral Practitioner and Ouroboros Alumnus Erikaa Briones. Erikaa is a former dominatrix turned emotional clearing practitioner that specializes in helping people clear emotional conditioning and programming around sexuality. Erikaa shares how her upbringing and emotional conditioning around money being evil created a bad girl […]

Episode 5: Becoming Wealthy with Mallory Kiersten

Length: 0 minutes

In the 1st interview in the Becoming Wealthy Series, Leah interviews her right-hand woman in her business, friend, and long-time client Mallory Kiersten. This episode focuses on feeling controlled by money and what it’s like to take your power back. Leah and Mallory discuss the benefits of Leah’s wealth repatterning program Ouroboros and how deconstructing […]

Episode 9: Mind Your Mind, Mind Your Mouth

Length: 0 minutes

In this episode, Leah shares her philosophy on negative and positive energy and why it’s so important to have awareness around our thoughts and words. She also shares the 5 ways we sabotage our wealth creation and abundance without even knowing it.

Episode 6: Motherhood, Money and Tests from The Universe

Length: 0 minutes

In the second installment in the Becoming Wealthy Interview Series, Leah and Kari discuss the journey to economic freedom. Kari is a single mother of three and this episode dives into what it is like to juggle motherhood, wealth creation, deconstructing financial slavery consciousness programming and tests from The Universe. Kari’s baby Malia also joins […]

Episode 4: Four Proven Tools For Rapid Manifestation

Length: 0 minutes

In this episode, Leah shares four proven tools that when actioned, show The Universe that you are serious about being a good custodian of money and lead to rapid manifestation. Leah also discloses her number one life-changing exercise that she uses with her private clients that once implemented helps them create real magic manifestation in […]

Episode 2: A Powerful Lineage of Witches with Eben Britton

Length: 0 minutes

Leah interviews her first guest, Eben Britton. Eben is a former NFL player and co-host of the wildly popular podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. Leah and Eben discuss his spiritual awakening and how Spirit has played a role in his life. Eben talks about and how manifestation and alchemy contributed to him becoming a NFL […]

Ep 5 of The Sage Surfer – Who Art Thou? You F@$*ing Weirdo

Length: 0 minutes

This is a very special bonus episode of The Wealth Witch Podcast. Leah is super excited to be sharing with you her husband, Sean Barnett’s new podcast, The Sage Surfer -Musings from the Lineup. After a couple of years of trying to convince him to tell his story, he’s finally doing it! Leah is sure […]

You Are Your Own Best Teacher

Length: 0 minutes

How are you spending your most precious resources of your time, energy, and money? Only YOU know what’s best for you!