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Stand Out on YouTube with Owen & Theresa aka Owen Video

What’s it take to stand out and get noticed on YouTube? Find out in this episode. Plus, how exactly can you work at home with your partner… without going bonkers? We dive into that hot conversation, too. And, get your freebies right here: http://theplanetbusiness.com/owenvideo

Ready for Bionic Events? with Sherrie Sokolowski

Length: 0 minutes

What’s next for the event industry? Should you be planning an event for this fall? What’s the smartest move with current events? Find out in this interview with industry leader and event strategist Sherrie Sokolowski.

Step 1: Identify Referral Partners

Length: 0 minutes

A quick exercise to help you identify who might be a great referral partners for you (and who’s already sending business your way).

Step 2: Referrals to What?

Length: 0 minutes

What products/services are you looking for referrals to? Where are your referral partners guiding people to?

Step 3: WIIFM? Incentives!

Length: 0 minutes

What are your options for structuring a referral program? What incentives and rewards will you offer?

Step 4: Research Your Current Flow

Length: 0 minutes

Take a few minutes to do a bit of research to see what’s working right now and where the most potential is for your referral program.