Dissecting Success

by Blair Kaplan Venables 51 Lessons in

Ever wondered what success actually means? How do you get it? And how do you keep it? We all want it, yet sometimes it feels only some of us get to have it.

Theresa Lambert and Blair Kaplan Venables are two badass entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, coaches and biz mentors, who’ve had success, felt success, questioned our own success and reclaimed it.

Let’s be real for a hot minute, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride, and many people started to wonder if they’ll lose the things that “made” them successful. So we got curious, raw and real about what success is truly about.

Can you put it in a box? how can you get it? can people take it away or are you the one with the power? Does it mean the same to all of us, or are we the ones that create it?

From PGA Golf Pro’s to Doctors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Mentors, we got together to meet with successful people around the globe to dissect success through vibrant conversations and interviews.


Ep 049: Pay for Play with Alice Santos

This week we are excited to have Alice Santos. Alice is an extremely ambitious woman through and through and her success follows her everywhere. Knowing she wanted to do something on her own, she shares her story of transitioning from modelling, working as an influencer to founding her own social media marketing agency. Focussing on […]

Ep 048: The Wild Ride of Entrepreneurship

We all know Entrepreneurship is a wild ride on a rollercoaster, it is not a linear path and that makes it exciting. In this week’s episode Blair and Theresa discuss the fun and ugly days of entrepreneurships. Listen as they chat about the benefits of surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs and how that can lead […]

Ep 047: Filthy Rich Writers with Nicki Krawczyk

Blair and Theresa welcome Nicki Krawczyk to this week’s episode. Nicki shares her story of how being a copywriter has allowed her to do what she wants when she wants, and how it allows her to earn an excellent income while doing it. Listen as she explains her Filthy Rich Writing programs, the importance of […]

Ep 046: Be Avant Garde. Dare to Go First.

This week hosts Blair and Theresa dissect the importance of Thought Leadership, from the entrepreneur side to marketing, and using it as part of your Publicity Strategy to help scale your business. Thought Leadership allows you to influence others’ opinions and its magic is your own unique essence. Have unique expertise, topic, or specialty? Become […]

Ep 045: A Part Of The Solution with Heather Odendaal

This week we welcome Heather Odendaal. She shares her purpose of helping women get into a position of power, as the pandemic has heightened women falling off mid-career. “We have gone backwards as we have lost the pipeline for women in leadership roles”, explains Heather and drives into 3 strategies to reverse this trend. She […]

Ep 044: The Power Pivot Move

Change is something we all experience, but let’s talk about “changing our minds”. This week Blair and Theresa chat about all things change, and the importance of following your gut and intuition. Changing your mind can feel like being held at gunpoint BUT we are not! They explain how our brains may have us feel […]

Ep 043: Health is Wealth with Melissa Deally

We are so excited for this week’s guest, Melissa Deally. She is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Registered Health Coach, Speaker and host of her “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” podcast. Listen as Melissa shares her experience from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and how self-care is essential, not selfish. Your health is your […]

Ep 042: Creating An Offer Suite

Do you have a well-thought-out offer suite for your online business? In this week’s episode Blair + Theresa talk about the importance of offer creation, what types of offers to create and how to use offers to support you to scale + maximize your time. Tune in to learn about all things offer creation and […]

Ep 041: The Energy of Introversion with Mahlena-Rae Johnson

Introversion is more about Energy than the way you show up! This week we welcome Speaker, Comedian, 4-time author, and Networking Expert for Introverts, Mahlena-Rae Johnson. Listen in as Mahlena-Rae shares her story of how witnessing people scared to network despite their success inspired her to start a career helping others overcome their fear. She […]

Ep 040: Feel The Pull

How do you find alignment in business + life and what the hell is it anyways? There are so many concepts, ideas, descriptions of what alignment is but we definitely know it is NOT a straight line. Tune in as Blair + Theresa talk about what alignment means to them and how it has given their […]

Ep 039: Love Belongs In Business With Shauna Smith

This week Blair and Theresa welcome the Founder of The Marketing Muse 360, Shauna Smith. Shauna shares how she found the calling to help others and lives “Success is freedom, peace and having time with family”. Shauna believes that to have a dream team is to have peace, and provides some important tips she uses […]

Ep 038: Let’s Get Shift Faced Together

Let’s get shift faced! This week Blair and Theresa dive into all things transitions from work, seasons, employees to entrepreneurship and how planning will make them less challenging. Listen as Theresa shares about her 3-year transition from a corporate executive job to starting her own business. She highlights that transition and resilience often go hand […]

Ep 037: Be a Square Peg with Nikki Takahashi

In this episode of Dissecting Success Theresa and Blair sit down with brand designer and strategist, Nikki Takahashi. From practicing Karate to building a multiple 6 figure/year branding agency, Nikki had a rocky start. However, her Karate studies with masters, taught her to work through the blood, sweat, and tears and gave her the dedication, grit, and […]

Ep 036: The Launch

What is a Launch? How do you launch your program & services successfully? With a love for the launch and passion to support you, Blair and Theresa dive into the strategy around a launch, aka an opportunity for you to share excitement about your programs and services and sell them like hotcakes! Sharing the experience […]

Ep 035: Resources Galore

What are the resources that support you in your business? Theresa and Blair explore the tools and resources that are available in order to help you learn, grow and succeed. From books to software, they want you to have the resources you need for you to work ON your business not FOR your business. A commitment […]

Ep 034: Creating Joy with Jessica Coulthard

Jessica Coulthard is an NLP Practitioner as well as a Certified Life Coach. The concept of NLP sparked her curiosity and she dove into becoming a practitioner after various synchronicities appeared in her life, which led to her training. For Jessica, success is how much joy she is having and she has mastered the art […]

Ep 033: Embracing Fluctuation

In all aspects of life and business, there is a constant flow of fluctuation, what you planned for may not necessarily be what happens. But there are two things we can do to help face this challenge. One, embrace fluctuation over expectation, and two, embrace the power of the pause. The pause is both positive […]

Ep 032: Sales is a Life Skill with Chris Baden

In this week’s episode of Dissecting Success Blair + Theresa interviewed Chris Baden, a passionate husband, and dad, as well as an entrepreneur that’s built multiple million-dollar businesses. Tune in as they chat about success, purpose-driven prospecting, sales, relationships, and the importance of how we are showing up at home, in our businesses, and in […]

Ep 031: Choose to Experience Pleasure with Jaclyn Shaw and Robyn Savage

“In a state of pleasure the world relaxes.” This week Blair + Theresa welcomed Jak & Rob co-founders of FEM/ME aka The Duo! Together, Jak + Rob make up the most dynamic, energetic, and powerful partnership in the coaching industry. Tune in as they talk about success being any kind of win, a choice, flow, […]

Ep 030: It’s Time to UNPLUG!

Do you plan for rest, to unplug, to take a time out? It can be easy for entrepreneurs that are inspired by their work to continue to push and strive, but you do not constantly have to be doing something to grow a successful business. Tune in to this week’s episode as Blair + Theresa […]

Ep 029: Ask For What You Want with Farah Hussain

Success is peace of mind, connectedness, and being happy. Happiness is being Me. That is the mindset of this week’s guest, Farah Hussain. Listen as she shares how she started from cleaning tables to a business degree to global connector and influencer. She believes that this start from zero gave her an understanding of what others are going […]

Ep 028: Finding The Balance with Dr. Sarah Kennea

Dr. Sarah Kennea is the founder of Whistler Medical Aesthetics in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Discover the fascinating medical journey that guided her to the world of medical aesthetics and her motivation to help people feel healthier plus look and feel beautiful both on the inside and out. Listen to Dr. Sarah, Blair and Theresa discuss […]

Ep 027: The F-Word

The F-Word. No, not that one! Today’s focus is on the word FREE. Blair and Theresa share the importance of giving back in the pathway to your success. Listen as they share the new way to sell services online in order to have your ideal clients come to you, instead of you “finding” them. Find out […]

Ep 026: Live A Legacy with Terilee Harrison

Length: 0 minutes

Today’s guest, Terilee Harrison, is a remarkable woman; an author, speaker and a networking expert. Terilee opens up about her personal journey and shares the pivotal moments that made her the person that she is today. Listen as Terilee, Blair and Theresa discuss how success is your whole life, not just one aspect of it, […]

Ep 025: Show Up As You

Part of being successful is participating in social media. However many of us are not sure what we need to share. Today, Theresa and Blair talk about how to show up on social media as both an entrepreneur and yourself. Listen as they discuss being your authentic self, sharing the good, the bad, and the […]

Ep 024: The Roundtable

In this episode, Blair + Theresa brought together a group of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and businesses to talk about all things success. Tune in and learn from Lew, Marie-Pier, and Sol as they share what success means to them and their thoughts on the journey. About the Guests: Soledad Rodriguez is an Entrepreneur and […]

Ep 023: Celebrating You

We are used to achieving goal after goal without the pause to celebrate, but it’s time for change. Blair and Theresa are mastering the art of celebrating their wins and milestones and in this episode, they chat about how to celebrate yours and offer inspiration to help you do the same. Last chance to join […]

Ep 022: What do you want? with David Ibarra

Author and leadership consultant, David Ibarra, joins Blair and Theresa today to help you discover what you truly want from life. David shares his thoughts on how success is a combination of where he feels like he is comfortable, be it family, faith, community, health, and yes, wealth. However, life for him was not about money but about […]

Ep 021: The Helicopter View with René Deceuninck

René Deceuninck, Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Master & Expert in Body Language, joins Theresa and Blair in this week’s episode. René shares that for him, success is being happy and having that clarity of who you are and where you are going. Rising above being bullied and not accepting that he was “not smart or good enough” […]

Ep 020: “I Get To Do” with Kelly Wackerman

When you can say “I get to Do” something vs “I have to do” this, then you are really lucky. This is the mindset that our guest, Kelly Wackerman, has and wishes to share with everyone. Kelly believes that the ability to make choices of what you are going to do each day is a measurement of […]

Ep 019: Pay Kindness Forward with Maria Berglund

Paying it forward is Maria Berglund’s motto for living life. Having to have relied on community support at a young age, she has grown up with the desire to help others. She started InKind boxes to support Moms on their postpartum journey and at the same time give back to moms in need. Maria truly believes that […]

Ep 018: Success is Another Word for Happiness

The tables have turned (again) this week. Theresa interviews Blair as they dissect success together. In this week’s episode, Blair shares her views on success as not being a thing but really a feeling of calm, excitement, and happiness. They discuss how to have a successful business while navigating those difficult life circumstances and Blair shares […]

Ep 017: From The Inside Out

The tables have turned this week. Blair interviews Theresa as they dissect success together. The former GM of an award-winning boutique hotel in Whistler is now utilizing her skills to coach other “preneurs” to grow their business. Listen as they talk about the essence of success and the evolution of its meaning, creating a beautiful, […]

Ep 016: Death to the Hustle Culture

We have all been told that in order to be a success you have to put in that time. But that is no longer true. The time of the Hustle culture is dying. The world is changing to have a positive work/life balance and being busy is not the badge of honor it once was. We […]

Ep 015: Well Curated Failures with Ashley J. Hassard

Today’s guest, Ashley J. Hassard, humbly describes herself as just an amalgamation of other people’s thoughts but she is so much more than that. Her superpower is her resilience and being an inspiration to live a life you are proud of. Listen as we discuss being able to wake up every day with a sense of purpose, success […]

Ep 014: Show Up and Bake That Cake

Do you feel you are missing the ingredients to bake your “Cake” of success? Let us tell you that you have the beginning to make your cake the way you want it. Remember to do the things that you love. This first preparation step is simply an extension of who you are. The ingredients that you may be missing […]

Ep 013: The Non-Linear Path with Jen Murtagh

We are all used to the old way of thinking about success; how much is in our banks and the titles we hold. Today’s guest, Jen Murtagh, wants us to look at the new measures of success; family, health, soul alignment, and generating the desired income to live the life you want for your family. She was […]

Ep 012: How to Banish the Burglars

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know what you are actually doing and someday somebody is going to find out and expose you? Many people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. But what exactly is it? In this week’s episode, Blair and Theresa are exploring what imposter syndrome is, how it can steal our moments of celebration and […]

Ep 011: Inspired By Our Parents

This episode is dedicated to Blair’s Mom, Sharon Kaplan January 17, 1959 – February 23, 2021. Join us as we talk about our parents and how they have inspired us to succeed in business and life. Blair and Theresa are excited to continue to share the knowledge they have learned from their parents, with their […]

Ep 010: The Turning Point with Sandy Scholes

Sandy Scholes, CPO of Flipp Corporation, believes that success is not a one size fit’s all concept. There is what social media portrays but it is really much more individual than that. For her success is really about helping other people. In this episode, Sandy joins Theresa and Blair to discuss building community and being of […]

Ep 009: The Laws of Success with Damian Nordmann

Through business coaching and his podcast “You Are The Superhero”, Damian Nordmann helps entrepreneurs whose businesses are ‘unique expressions of their higher purpose’. He is the creator of the Superhero Success Laws for greater impact and profitability. Damian believes that success is being, doing, or having what we want and that we can do this through accessing […]

Ep 008: Gaining Momentum

We all understand investing when it comes to money but what does it mean beyond that? In this week’s episode, Blair and Theresa dive into the concept of investing, be it in yourself, time, energy, or money. Listen as they discuss discovering what it takes to get to the next level of the business, finding the right […]

Ep 007: Let’s get off the Nail with Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller was told that she was not good enough to achieve her dream of becoming an LPGA Tour Player. She proved them wrong. Cindy joins Blair and Theresa to talk about her story of success and resilience and to discuss that sometimes things happen out of things that you do not like, determining if your Why […]

Ep 006: The Epically Bumpy Ride with Heather Kelly

With her love for an active outdoor lifestyle, Heather Kelly achieved success with Heather’s Choice®, great nutritious food for the great outdoors. Heather joins Blair and Theresa to discuss her definition of success and how it changes over our lifetime; having fun with what you do and being fully engaged; and the Epically Bumpy ride. Heather […]

Ep 005: Can Success Happen Overnight?

Ever wondered what success actually means? How do you get it? And how do you keep it? We all want it, yet sometimes it feels only some of us get to have it. In this episode, Blair and Theresa are going to bust open the myth of overnight success and one-hit wonders. Listen as they discuss behind […]

Ep 004: Life is Short with Michelle Abraham

Being involved in podcasting since 2012, Michelle Abraham, the founder of AmplifYou, has built a successful podcast management company. Blair and Theresa talk to Michelle about how listening for the signs of the universe lead her on her path to financial freedom, the push she needed from to stop making podcasting a hobby and do business […]

Ep 003: The Psychology of Success with Dr. Ken Keis

Have you ever wondered how to get that mindset of success? What helps or hinders us from achieving the success we want? Dr. Ken Keis, the CEO of Consulting Resource Group International is here today to discuss the psychology behind success, how to get in the zone so life is not a burden, and how motivation is really […]

Ep 002: The Way of the Feather with Karen Kenney

Spiritual Mentor, author and host of her own podcast, Karen Kenney joins Theresa and Blair to discuss what it means to have success with a divine purpose. Listen as Karen shares her journey into doing the work she was called to do, living in alignment and the importance of being able to move through the world […]

Ep 001: You Can Put Success in a Pineapple

Ever wondered what success actually means? How do you get it? And how do you keep it? We all want it, yet sometimes it feels only some of us get to have it. In the premiere episode, Blair and Theresa begin to dissect success and (re)define its boundaries. About the Hosts: Blair Kaplan Venables is an […]