Bald and Blonde Podcast – Audio Episodes – Season Four

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Bald and Blonde, the Mindset Evolution podcast provides tips and tricks on how to create your dream life! Based on scientific findings Kathi Tait, the Baldwarrior, and Daisy Papp, International Excellence Coach, discuss topics that affect all humans. Kathi and Daisy share tools to overcome challenges and teach skills that can easily be applied immediately to achieve extraordinary results in your life! Now heard in 60 countries!

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Ep.72 All We Have Is NOW!

Length: 0 minutes

Now! Now is the only moment in time we have. Now is when we can take action. Now is when we learn from our experiences. Now is when we feel what we feel. Now is when life occurs. When we are aware of how we live in the NOW changes can be made. When? Now. […]

Ep.73 Healing Old Wounds

Length: 0 minutes

We all have old wounds. What we do about them is key. Do you tend to think of your old wounds often? What can you do to ease the pain? Is it possible to heal old wounds? In this episode Kathi and Daisy speak about how we can cope and let go of hurt and […]

Ep.74 Toxic People

Length: 0 minutes

Do you know toxic people? Do you ever consider some of your loved ones as toxic? Maybe there are some individuals around you that may appear unpleasant. Nevertheless, everyone has the right to be just the way they are. In this episode we discuss what toxic people appear like and most importantly “how to” handle […]