Abundance Codes

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EFT Tapping – Do This If You Feel Stuck About Money

Length: 10 minutes

Welcome to this free EFT Tapping session where we will be tappin on most common money block. Today our session is onEFT Tapping if you feel stuck about money. Many people have limiting beliefs about money where they are struggling to manifest success. Within this Emotional Freedom Technique tapping aka EFT tapping for money, we […]

EFT Tapping – Resenting Others For Having Money

Welcome to today’s EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping episode for ‘I resent others for having money’. Are you one of those people who has money envy or even salary envy? Do you have underlying money blocks and fear of jealousy that you’re constantly saying I’m jealous of others having money? Then this episode will help […]

EFT Tapping – Afraid to Lend Money to People

Do you have a fear of lending people money? Lending money to a friend or family member? Maybe you have money fears or the fear of losing everything if you’re loaning friends money? This way of thinking and also doing something that is uncomfortable can create even more financial stress. Don’t worry, borrowing money and […]

EFT Tapping – Breaking Generational Poverty

Hello and welcome to this EFT tapping (emotional freedom technique) of breaking generational poverty. Have you ever felt that I have to be poor because my parents have been poor? If so this is what we will be clearing in this tapping session, so you can start attracting and receiving more abundance into your life […]

EFT Tapping – Overcome Fear of Not Making Enough Money

In this video, we will be continuing with our Eft tapping for money blocks and money fears. If you’re not familiar with EFT it is also known as emotional freedom technique or tapping. Within this video, we will be tapping away the fear of never making enough money. We work with a lot of entrepreneurs […]

EFT Tapping – I Don’t Deserve Money, I Don’t Need Money

Hi everyone! In this free EFT Tapping video, we will be tapping on the belief that you only need money for others. This is a common disempowering belief about money and many people have these negative thoughts around money. Today we will be tapping away negative thoughts and clearing limiting beliefs so you can leave […]