You Are Amazing with Barbie Layton

Barbie Layton

After two decades of successfully working a traditional job in the United States and South Korea, Barbie did the soul searching many of us are currently doing during this unprecedented pandemic. She received an M.A. from the world famous University of Santa Monica in spiritual psychology in 2006 with Professors Ron and Mary Hulnick, and participated in their Cannes film festival winning documentary as a counselor to women serving life sentences in Chowchilla, California on “The Prison Project” , based on Viktor Frankl’s work. Luckily, being intuitive she completed over 20 quests from Mindvalley All Access online from such teachers as Christie Marie Sheldon, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Marisa Peer, Jim Kwik and others starting in October 2019. Barbie was blessed to be enrolled in Christie Marie Sheldon’s Intuition 101 private live coaching group in February 2020 and was trained to use her innate intuition by learning Christie’s powerful renowned methods. As a result of putting them to work in her own life, she manifested almost $100k USD in cash and services within THIS YEAR! She was also fortunate to be on Vishen Lakhiani, Bernardo Moya, Giovanni Marsico, Jim Kwik , Eric Edmeades, Robert Ohotto, Roland Tokko, and Lisa Nichols live Zoom webinars during the lockdown and knows what a great equalizer Zoom has been for world class educators in the comfort of your own home. She is speaking at the Best You Expo Miami virtual event in January, 2021 as a third debut on a world stage after many successful sessions with people from all over the world UAE, Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and India. She has also She realized that all across the globe we all have basic human needs to be seen, heard, loved, and understood. As of December 2020, she is still active in Christie Marie Sheldon’s intuitive business course IMPACT, a member of Vishen Lakhiani’s revolutionary MindValley premium coaching group online, MindValley university online, and now a Best You magazine contributor! Stay tuned for TV appearances on the Best You TV in 2021 to bring her unique personality into your living room! She has helped people manifest 1000’s of dollars, dream homes, dream jobs, and narrowly avoid cancer, ALL during a pandemic when so many are running a scarcity mindset. She is just getting started!