The Chakra Queen with Rebecca Butler

Rebecca Butler

Rebecca’s passion is to share her love of the contagious joy a creative and intuitive life can bring. Through the use of creative intuitive art and movement, her aim is to help guide women to a life and living that brings more confidence, courage, freedom and to loose all the inhibitions so you can be the magnificent expressive woman you know you want to be. I have found that art is great catalyst for change. There is something about connecting mind, heart and emotion to the paint. When I allow myself to be honest and let the real rawness of my being unfold I can transcend the hurt and pain and let it flow as an inspiring energy source to fuel my passions. It is here where I can allow the dreams to come alive. I can push away the doubts and insecurities that have previously held me back. This is a great feeling. Here is where I find the freedom. This is where the joy begins. This is what I wish to share with you.