Valerie Cripps

Val Cripps is a two time Oscar winning FX animator twice published best selling author.

Val is the Divine Shamama to the LEADERS – an energy guide, quantum healer and divine activator who collapses time and recalibrates world changing leaders of the new earth to their highest resonance and most divinely aligned vibration, bringing bliss and power to places that used to drain and punish them.

After years of living stifled, Val went through a difficult and powerful awakening where she discovered her voice and broke through eons of conditioning to stand up and bring through her unique and powerful healing modalities. She birthed VALTOPIA, her company, community, platform and movement, illuminating FUCK YEAHS around the world, lighting up her powerful clients to their aligned JOY and abundance as she went through divorce, built up her exuberance, baller ambition and heart felt compassion that leads to divine creative expansion.

She is currently lighting it UP in the Valtopiasphere, working 1:1 with high level clients, publishing her library of self guided activations and in the process of bringing through a creative series of activations and frequencies designed to guide women to their orgasmic pleasure and deepest self resonance.

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