Nina Cruz

Nina is a certified Conscious Parent Coach, a Social Worker (BSW) & a Meditation Teacher.

In her Private Coaching Practice she supports parents to become aware of the generational patterns that are playing out in their everyday life, that could be contributing to increased stress, anxiety. overwhelm & a feeling of disconnection. She supports parents to gain a new sense of awareness through knowledge and understanding of their own narrative so that they can create a new Blueprint for themselves & their family. She is passionate about supporting parents to do their own ‘Inner Work’ so that they can experience more freedom & joy in their life. When a parents’ inner world shifts the whole family shifts in such an incredible way. When a parent does ‘the work’ the parent child dynamic can also change & foster a relationship of more love, harmony & connection.

Her approach to coaching includes trauma-informed care that provides a safe space for all clients to facilitate their individual healing & growth.

She specializes in a number of areas- Prenatal & Postnatal, Single Parenting, Parenting your Highly Sensitive Child, Autism/ADHD/Biochemical Imbalances, Parenting your Strong Willed Child, How to Transform Resistance…

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