Michelle Shaeffer

Her clients call her “frighteningly effective”, a “marketing super-computer”, and “the smartest marketing techie” they know. Michelle Shaeffer is the founder of the Empath Entrepreneur Business Academy, co-founder of Planet Business, an award-winning blogger, international speaker, and host of the popular podcast, The Art of Giving a Damn. She’s on a mission to prove that you can build a profitable business while making a positive difference in the world.

Michelle brings an irrefutable combination of experience and expertise to everything she does: a 6x New Media Summit Icon of Influence, she’s written 42 blog posts in a single day, mentored more than 15,000 bloggers through the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Extreme Traffic Adventure, published 1,000+ posts on her own blogs, and is currently at work on her book “The Art of Giving a Damn: Rise of the Empath Entrepreneur.”

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