Erica Mariscal

She is passionate in serving individuals and families across the world, helping them heal soul contracts and align spiritually. Her gifts have shown her how to teach others their own abilities in becoming more confident with their intuitiveness, discovering the power of their own energy and recognizing their natural abilities. When one is able to discover and understand themselves on an energetic level, they in turn are able to help themselves discover, heal and grow.

She serves as a life coach, helping her clients in the areas of relationships, lifestyle transitions, and help them realize the goals and outcomes they want to achieve. She works with them in breaking down the challenges and obstacles that keep them from experiencing their goals and outcomes, guiding them to live their purpose and feel like their life has meaning. To do this, She uses tools such as visualization, guided meditation, and asking questions that inspire the client to find or create the answers that will get them closer to the goals and outcomes they desire. When they finish the work, they often feel more confident and self-assured that their choices and decisions they make will help them reach greater goals and outcomes, realizing they are responsible for their success.

Her spiritual awakening began about 6 years ago, after the passing of her uncle. The tragedy of his death awakened her to fully embrace herself, her gifts and her calling. Although she has been aware of her gifts since childhood, she never clearly understood how or why she had the ability to receive Spirit, view within the souls of others and recognize one’s need to heal by connecting with their higher self.

Her clients are often drawn to me, as spirit will guide them. In the last 6 years, she has worked with an abundance of diverse individuals from many backgrounds, origins and ages. We are all unique, as we have been given specific and unique paths. She is enlightened by who is guided to her and the revelation of her purpose in helping them. The gratitude of her work comes from what she learns from those who seek her help, guidance and healing. For, she is only an intermediary to provide the tools and knowledge one needs to learn to open one’s mind and discover the parts of themselves they never knew existed.

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