Bella Maree Lane

Tantric Relationship & Conscious Intimacy expert, Learning Love Therapist, Speaker, Thought Leader Tantric Relationship; Conscious Intimacy expert, Learning Love Therapist, Breathwork/Mediation teacher, published author, speaker and thought leader. You deserve to find happiness and Bella’s mission is to facilitate that through her many healing modalities. We each walk a very unique path, one designed and crafted especially for us, no two are the same, and as such she doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter or one shoe fits all style of healing modality. Our lives are made up of relationships and if our relationships are not working our life is not working! She came to that powerful realization over the course of her own experiences and knows that healthy, loving, respectful, relationships are foundational to creating an abundant, purpose filled, joyful life. It took decades to understand that life was not simply happening to her, but rather her experiences were being meticulously constructed & designed to take her on a very special, unique journey. She had no awareness of her own contribution to the painful, often tragic events which occurred with monotonous regularity until one day a glimmer of light bled through the darkness and the birth of her awakening consciousness began. From the outside, it appeared she had a successful, fortunate life, whereas, in reality, her life was in total chaos and a shambles. Looking at her past, you would have no reason to think she could or would ever craft a thriving, happy, fulfilled life. However, in the face of overwhelming adversity Bella finally began her healing and slowly but surely began to flourish. Healing is possible for us all! Her windy, often treacherous journey led her to discover her dharma as a tantric love, relationship and, intimacy expert. Bella is known as “The Tantric Heart Wound Healer. She is utterly immersed and dedicated to bringing you world-class modalities, tools, and skills she has been blessed to study, embrace and integrate into her everyday life. Her healing has completely transformed her life and will do the same for you. You deserve to be showered with an abundance of love, joy and peace in your life. Remember, you are the light!

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